7 Reasons Why Cats Are Good For Your Health [The Truth]

woman playing with her tuxedo cat black and white

After being a cat owner for over 20 years now, there is no question in my mind that cats are a benefit for one’s health. However, up until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t tell exactly why that was and what the scientific background for that was. Therefore, I spent hours upon hours to research this topic to break it down in 7 key reasons why cats are good for your health. I have never seen these reasons gathered in one article, so make sure you stick to the bottom and enjoy the read.

1. Cats love to cuddle, just like humans

woman cuddling with her cat black and white

There are differences in how much cats love to cuddle. But whether your cat is one of the cat breeds who love to cuddle the whole day or just occasionally, all cats like to do it. It’s just about the frequency and the intensity they want to chill in your lap while getting stroked by you. They love it because it makes them feel comfortable, safe and in the end, loved. Your cat’s brain releases endorphins and other hormones which reduce the feeling of stress as well as anxiety. So cuddling is absolutely beneficial for cats.

Well it turns out the same applies to humans! No matter how much of a tough guy or girl you are, you can’t change your biochemical structure to the degree that you don’t like cuddles anymore. But if every human likes it, why don’t they do it more often? That’s porbably a topic for another blog post, but because of that, humans generally don’t hug each other very often – let alone cuddle.

Now as a cat owner however, you and your brain can enjoy sweet cuddles every single day! With the natural release of anti-stress hormones in your brain during the cuddle session of your cat, you, as a consequence, are: Happier, more at ease with yourself and in the end, healthier. But don’t just believe me! Read this article about how scientists confirm that cuddles make you and your cat healthier.

2. Cats help you sleep better

Tiny kitty sleeping on its back

This is one reason people who don’t own cats will never understand or believe if I tell them, but it’s true: A group of scientists from the UK performed a study where the researched sleeping preferences of women. It turns out, that the vast majority of women prefer sleeping with their cats over sleeping with their partners. Now isn’t that something astonishing?

The scientists found out that women, when sleeping with their cats, had a deeper sleep and longer periods of stage 3 sleep, the so called “deep sleep”. This is most likely due to the higher sense of security you feel when sleeping with felines. Longer periods of deep sleep result in increased recovery from stress, more freshness over the day and generally a better feeling in your body. This means, that sleeping together with your furry friend can be another health benefit for you!

3. Cats reduce emotional pain and stress

sleeping gray cat

Out of all the reasons why our cats are good for us, this is probably one that every cat owner can instantly agree on. The calming, graceful and loving vibe of cats just bring us down to earth again when we had emotional issues or stress over the day. I personally think it comes down to the fact that cats do actually love us just like we love them. If that doesn’t make them awesome, what does?

The study I just linked is strongly supports that claim, telling us that cats do realize the differences in human beings and that they can distinguish their owners’ voices. This fact accompanied by the behavior is our feline sweeties towards us makes me 100% believe that they have strong feeling for us.

Now this in turn, helps us deal with our emotional pain and stress. When around positive, loving vibes, us humans just tend to ease up and get more and more relaxed. This again, is something where cats have a tremendous positive impact on us regarding our health.

4. Cats help us socialize

two ginger cats on the street

Cats are actually very helpful in making you find friends. While 50% of all millennials are cat owners, it is extremely easy (also fun) to find somebody who is into cats just as much as you are and getting to know this human being on a personal level.

Now, how does this actually help you considering your health, you ask? It’s quite simple: Humans are tribe people. It doesn’t just feel nice having somebody to talk to, it’s essential for our existence on this planet. When being confronted with challenges in life (as we all are), we tend to overcome and master them much more quickly and easily if we have a helping hand or two around us. Getting to know these helping hands is substantially easier if you both have something in common in the first place – your cats!

I challenge you, dear cat owner, to look around and see how many of your friends have something to do with cats. Do they love your kitties when coming to visit you? Do your kitties love them? You will probably find out that a lot of your social circle has something to do with cats. Maybe even to the point where your cat in fact IS your best friend. These are great connections formed over the shared love for cats – and that’s healthy for you!

5. Cats can reduce the likelihood of allergies

gray mainecoon cat looking into the camera

A 2002 study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found, that babies being around a cat reduces the risk of allergies by a substantial amount. This means that the presence of a cat in a new family is helpful for the later life of a human being. There is no doubt, that this is another reason for the health benefits of felines on people!

6. Cats make you laugh

funny mainecoon cat lying on the floor

Our kitties can be extremely weird – and funny! We all know that laughing is good for us when it comes to great longevity and quality of life. Due to their funny and sometimes mystical nature, cats make us laugh extremely often. There were even studies conducted that suggest cats even have a sense of humor on their own!

So, whenever you are seeing your cat doing something weird that gives you a chuckle, thank it with a little treat or a smile, because it just improved your day!

Just imagine how many people are laughing at their weird cats in that very moment. According to Purina, cats are the most popular pet in the US, so there is got to be a lot of people laughing right now! *smiley*

7. Cats give you a purpose

black cat silhouette in front of bronze moon

While the question what one’s purpose is in life is probably a bit out of scope here, we can definitely agree on one thing: Your cat gives you a purpose to get up in the morning.

I know this is not sufficient for a whole life, but sometimes we do have times in which every little bit of outer encouragement to live on helps us. And what better encouragement is there than a cute kitty licking your face in the morning, waiting for you to get up and play with it?

However useless one can feel from time to time, your cat is dependent on you. And that’s beautiful, encouraging and in the end, healthy for you.


That’s it, dear reader. I want to thank you for sticking with me so long and I would appreciate you coming back for future thoughts and content! I would also appreciate a like on my facebook page.

Have a great day!




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